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Family of David Charles SUDDABY and Dianne CRABB

Husband: David Charles SUDDABY (1951- )
Wife: Dianne CRABB (1954- )
Children: David Thomas SUDDABY (1971- )
Marriage 20 Feb 1971 Hull

Husband: David Charles SUDDABY

Name: David Charles SUDDABY
Sex: Male
Father: David SUDDABY (1922-1991)
Mother: Gwendoline Cynthia JONES (1931- )
Birth 10 Oct 1951 Hull

Wife: Dianne CRABB

Name: Dianne CRABB
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 26 Apr 1954 Holderness

Child 1: David Thomas SUDDABY

Name: David Thomas SUDDABY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Michelle HARKER (1971?- )
Birth 29 Jul 1971 Hull

Note on Husband: David Charles SUDDABY

free BMD/Alison Suddaby

Note on Wife: Dianne CRABB

free BMD/Alison Suddaby