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Elizabeth DOBSON's brother: Christopher James DOBSON (1974- )

Family of Richard C JUSTICE and Elizabeth Louise DOBSON

Husband: Richard C JUSTICE (1967?- )
Wife: Elizabeth Louise DOBSON (1967- )
Children: Sadie Rebecca JUSTICE (1987- )
Joseph Michael JUSTICE (1990- )
Jacob Carl JUSTICE (1994- )
Marriage Aug 1986 Thanet

Husband: Richard C JUSTICE

Name: Richard C JUSTICE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1967 (app)

Wife: Elizabeth Louise DOBSON

Name: Elizabeth Louise DOBSON
Sex: Female
Father: Michael DOBSON (1947?- )
Mother: Susan Christine FINNIS (1947-2011)
Birth Q1 1967 Thanet

Child 1: Sadie Rebecca JUSTICE

Name: Sadie Rebecca JUSTICE
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1987 Thanet

Child 2: Joseph Michael JUSTICE

Name: Joseph Michael JUSTICE
Sex: Male
Birth May 1990 Thanet

Child 3: Jacob Carl JUSTICE

Name: Jacob Carl JUSTICE
Sex: Male
Birth Feb 1994 Thanet

Note on Husband: Richard C JUSTICE

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Note on Wife: Elizabeth Louise DOBSON

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