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William FINNIS's other family: with Florence May MONK (1905-1949)
William FINNIS's sister: Eileen May FINNIS (1911-1996)

Family of William Thomas FINNIS and Maisey Louise PARKINSON

Husband: William Thomas FINNIS (1912-1975)
Wife: Maisey Louise PARKINSON (1916-2004)
Children: Wendy L FINNIS (1951- )
Walter T FINNIS (1958- )
Susan Thelma FINNIS (1952- )
Marriage 27 Aug 1950 Plymouth

Husband: William Thomas FINNIS

Name: William Thomas FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: Walter Henry FINNIS (1880- )
Mother: Sarah Jane WELLARD (1888- )
Birth 9 Nov 1912 Tendring
Death 21 Nov 1975 (age 63) Lowestoft

Wife: Maisey Louise PARKINSON

Name: Maisey Louise PARKINSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 17 Sep 1916 Richmond on Thames
Death 1 Apr 2004 (age 87) Waveney

Child 1: Wendy L FINNIS

Name: Wendy L FINNIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles G BUCKENHAM (1951- )
Birth Q2 1951 Plymouth

Child 2: Walter T FINNIS

Name: Walter T FINNIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret R RAYNSFORD (1958?- )
Birth Q1 1958 Lothingland

Child 3: Susan Thelma FINNIS

Name: Susan Thelma FINNIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ronald A S MULLENDER (1952?- )
Birth 27 Oct 1952 Plymouth

Note on Husband: William Thomas FINNIS (1)

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Note on Husband: William Thomas FINNIS (2)

Marriage speculative.

Note on Wife: Maisey Louise PARKINSON

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