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Family of George T FINNIS and Ellen B WILLIS

Husband: George T FINNIS (1914-1991)
Wife: Ellen B WILLIS (1914-2010)
Children: Richard G FINNIS (1941- )
Sheila E M FINNIS (1951- )
Robin M FINNIS (1954- )
Marriage Q4 1939 Rotherham

Husband: George T FINNIS

Name: George T FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: Charles Richard FINNIS (1867-1954)
Mother: Anne Maria WINTON (1875-1962)
Birth 10 Feb 1914 Elham
Death Feb 1991 (age 76-77) Dover

Wife: Ellen B WILLIS

Name: Ellen B WILLIS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1914 Rotherham
Death 14 Oct 2010 (age 96)

Child 1: Richard G FINNIS

Name: Richard G FINNIS
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1941 Surrey N W

Child 2: Sheila E M FINNIS

Name: Sheila E M FINNIS
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1951 Dover

Child 3: Robin M FINNIS

Name: Robin M FINNIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jacqueline L WHITNALL (1954?- )
Birth Q2 1954 Folkestone

Note on Husband: George T FINNIS

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Note on Wife: Ellen B WILLIS

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