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Lydia FINNIS's brother: James FINNIS (1891-1891)

Family of James Victor STOCKWELL and Lydia May FINNIS

Husband: James Victor STOCKWELL (1890- )
Wife: Lydia May FINNIS (1895-1993)
Marriage Q2 1926 Elham

Husband: James Victor STOCKWELL

Name: James Victor STOCKWELL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q1 1890 Aston

Wife: Lydia May FINNIS

Name: Lydia May FINNIS
Sex: Female
Father: James Court FINNIS (1861-1948)
Mother: Constance STAPLES (1866-1937)
Birth 1 May 1895 Elham
Baptism 16 Jun 1895 (age 0) Lympne
Death Nov 1993 (age 98) Shepway

Note on Husband: James Victor STOCKWELL

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