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Ulrica FINNIS's brother: Duncan Willoughby FINNIS (1896-1978)

Family of John William SWEET and Ulrica FINNIS

Husband: John William SWEET (1906-1987)
Wife: Ulrica FINNIS (1906-1959)
Children: Alma J SWEET (1942- )
Marriage Q4 1938 Brentford

Husband: John William SWEET

Name: John William SWEET
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 6 Mar 1906 Brentford
Death Apr 1987 (age 81) Hounslow

Wife: Ulrica FINNIS

Name: Ulrica FINNIS
Sex: Female
Father: Edward Benjamin FINNIS (1869-1938)
Mother: Louisa Maria MORTON (1867- )
Birth 22 May 1906 Bedfont
Death Q4 1959 (age 53) Surrey Northern

Child 1: Alma J SWEET

Name: Alma J SWEET
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward J SPRAGGETT (1942?- )
Birth Q1 1942 Brentford

Note on Husband: John William SWEET

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Note on Wife: Ulrica FINNIS (1)

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Note on Wife: Ulrica FINNIS (2)

1911 at 67 New Road, Brentford.