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Family of John FINNIS and Matilda Lily ROBINSON

Husband: John FINNIS (1874-1951)
Wife: Matilda Lily ROBINSON (1870-1957)
Children: Edward John FINNIS (1900-1964)
Marriage Q3 1900 Tonbridge

Husband: John FINNIS

Name: John FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: Richard FINNIS (1833?-1914)
Mother: Sarah Elizabeth WOODCOCK (1840- )
Birth Q1 1874 St Margarets at Cliffe
Baptism 5 Feb 1874 (age -1-0 (!)) St Margarets at Cliffe
Occupation Horse Bus Driver (1911)
Death Q3 1951 (age 77) Dover

Wife: Matilda Lily ROBINSON

Name: Matilda Lily ROBINSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q1 1870 Battersea
Death Q3 1957 (age 87) Dover

Child 1: Edward John FINNIS

Name: Edward John FINNIS
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1900 Stoke Newington
Occupation soldier (1918)
Death Q1 1964 (age 63) Woolwich

Note on Husband: John FINNIS (1)

free BMD/census 1881/Trevor Finnis

Note on Husband: John FINNIS (2)

1901 at Myrtle Cottage, Dover. 1911 at 3 Florinda Cottages, St Margarets At Cliffe. No death found to 1933.