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Family of William Robert DOWLE and Mary Ann COLE

Husband: William Robert DOWLE (1863- )
Wife: Mary Ann COLE (1864- )
Children: William Robert DOWLE (1888?- )
Agnes Amelia DOWLE (1893- )
Albert Sydney DOWLE (1896- )
Henrietta Louisa DOWLE (1886- )
Lily May DOWLE (1888- )
Marriage Q4 1884 Dover

Husband: William Robert DOWLE

Name: William Robert DOWLE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1863 Dover
Occupation Monumental Mason (1911)

Wife: Mary Ann COLE

Name: Mary Ann COLE
Sex: Female
Father: William Sidney COLE (1836- )
Mother: Mary Ann POTTER (1842- )
Birth Q4 1864 Dover

Child 1: William Robert DOWLE

Name: William Robert DOWLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1888 (app) Dover
Occupation Chauffeur Private (1911)

Child 2: Agnes Amelia DOWLE

Name: Agnes Amelia DOWLE
Sex: Female
Birth Q2 1893 Dover

Child 3: Albert Sydney DOWLE

Name: Albert Sydney DOWLE
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1896 Dover
Occupation Telegraph Messenger (1911)

Child 4: Henrietta Louisa DOWLE

Name: Henrietta Louisa DOWLE
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1886 Dover

Child 5: Lily May DOWLE

Name: Lily May DOWLE
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1888 Dover

Note on Husband: William Robert DOWLE

free BMD/census 1911

Note on Wife: Mary Ann COLE (1)

free BMD/census 1871

Note on Wife: Mary Ann COLE (2)

1891 at 43 Peter Street, Dover. 1901 at 43 Peter Street, Globe Inn, Dover. 1911 at 61 Maison Dieu Road, Dover.