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Albert FINNIS's sister: Emily Jean FINNIS (1922- )

Family of Albert Victor FINNIS and Alma Rita Dorothy CLOSE

Husband: Albert Victor FINNIS (1925-1978)
Wife: Alma Rita Dorothy CLOSE (1917-2006)
Children: Paul Albert FINNIS (1950- )
Marriage Nov 1947 Young, NSW

Husband: Albert Victor FINNIS

Name: Albert Victor FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: Frank Albert FINNIS (1889- )
Mother: Christina WOEFIELD (1889?- )
Birth 25 Jun 1925 Young, NSW
Death 16 Oct 1978 (age 53) Young, NSW

Wife: Alma Rita Dorothy CLOSE

Name: Alma Rita Dorothy CLOSE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 10 Jan 1917 Young, NSW
Death 19 Sep 2006 (age 89) Young, NSW

Child 1: Paul Albert FINNIS

Name: Paul Albert FINNIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ruth Meryle MOLLISON (1948- )
Birth 3 Nov 1950 Young, NSW

Note on Marriage

source Ruth Finnis

Note on Husband: Albert Victor FINNIS

source Ruth Finnis