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Family of Stephen NUGENT and Susan Anne SAVAGE

Husband: Stephen NUGENT (1953- )
Wife: Susan Anne SAVAGE (1955- )
Children: Lee Stephen NUGENT (1972- )
Michelle Suzanne NUGENT (1976- )
Marriage 27 Nov 1971 Liverpool

Husband: Stephen NUGENT

Name: Stephen NUGENT
Sex: Male
Father: Arnold NUGENT (1924-2003)
Mother: Hazel Mary FINNIS (1926- )
Birth 24 Jul 1953 Liverpool N

Wife: Susan Anne SAVAGE

Name: Susan Anne SAVAGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1955 Liverpool S

Child 1: Lee Stephen NUGENT

Name: Lee Stephen NUGENT
Sex: Male
Birth 22 May 1972 Liverpool

Child 2: Michelle Suzanne NUGENT

Name: Michelle Suzanne NUGENT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Simon James CARRUTHERS (1972- )
Birth 1 Apr 1976 Liverpool

Note on Husband: Stephen NUGENT

free BMD/Sue Nugent

Note on Wife: Susan Anne SAVAGE

free BMD/Sue Savage