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Ada COLE's brother: Charles Ernest COLE (1871- )

Family of Frederick James LEEDS and Ada Amelia COLE

Husband: Frederick James LEEDS (1869-1917)
Wife: Ada Amelia COLE (1869-1953)
Children: Charles Compton LEEDS (1905-1939)
Eric James LEEDS (1913-1969)
Marriage Q4 1899 Dover

Husband: Frederick James LEEDS

Name: Frederick James LEEDS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 11 Jan 1869 Dover
Occupation Telegraphist (1911)
Death Q1 1917 (age 47-48) Aston

Wife: Ada Amelia COLE

Name: Ada Amelia COLE
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Ernest COLE (1843-1919)
Mother: Helen Charlotte BARKWAY (1850- )
Birth Q4 1869 Dover
Death Q2 1953 (age 83) Dover

Child 1: Charles Compton LEEDS

Name: Charles Compton LEEDS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Olive May GILLARD (1909-1911)
Birth Q3 1905 Kings Norton
Occupation Master Mariner
Death 24 Oct 1939 (age 34) off Gibraltar

Child 2: Eric James LEEDS

Name: Eric James LEEDS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Esther Flora DOBBIE (1920-1983)
Birth 4 Aug 1913 Aston
Death 3 Jul 1969 (age 55) Auckland, NZ
Occupation harbourmaster

Note on Husband: Frederick James LEEDS (1)

free BMD/census 1911/Jim Speight

Note on Husband: Frederick James LEEDS (2)

Joined the Royal Engineers after employment as a Post Office Clerk. In 1895 he served in India and received the Indian Medal, and then in the Boer War, receiving the South Africa medal with bars. He was later serving as a Sergeant Instructor in Birmingham where he died in 1917 and was given a full Militaty Funeral.

1911 at 9 Dovey Road ,Mosely, Near Birmingham.

Note on Wife: Ada Amelia COLE (1)

free BMD/census 1871

Note on Wife: Ada Amelia COLE (2)

1911 at 9 Dovey Road, Mosely, Near Birmingham.