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Family of Thomas Henry CRAVEN and Martha TURNBULL

Husband: Thomas Henry CRAVEN (1895-1958)
Wife: Martha TURNBULL (1895?- )
Children: William Kemp CRAVEN (1927-1982)
Status: Divorced
Marriage 1925 (app) Canada

Husband: Thomas Henry CRAVEN

Name: Thomas Henry CRAVEN
Sex: Male
Father: William CRAVEN (1869-1926)
Mother: Edith Martha MERCER (1868-1949)
Birth 1 Nov 1895 Nottingham
Death Jul 1958 (age 62) Toronto

Wife: Martha TURNBULL

Name: Martha TURNBULL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1895 (app) Canada

Child 1: William Kemp CRAVEN

Name: William Kemp CRAVEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Greta CARLAS (1927?- )
Birth 1927 Canada
Death 1982 (age 54-55) Canada

Note on Husband: Thomas Henry CRAVEN (1)

free BMD/Donald Tubbs

Note on Husband: Thomas Henry CRAVEN (2)

Emigrated to Toronto about 1903 Returned to England about 1904. In 1905 returned to Canada, settling first in London, Ontario. Lived here until about 1912 when he moved to Hamilton, Ontario.

Note on Husband: Thomas Henry CRAVEN (3)

He worked at various times with Goodyear Tire and Woolworths.

Note on Wife: Martha TURNBULL

source Donald Tubbs