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John LOADER's other family: with Lynn ARMOR (1949?- )

Family of John William LOADER and Barbara Elizabeth AYTON

Husband: John William LOADER (1949- )
Wife: Barbara Elizabeth AYTON (1949?- )
Children: Amanda Elizabeth LOADER (1969- )
Audra Jane LOADER (1971- )
Marriage 1971 (app) Tamworth, NSW

Husband: John William LOADER

Name: John William LOADER
Sex: Male
Father: David William LOADER (1918- )
Mother: Emily Jean FINNIS (1922- )
Birth 7 Jul 1949 Cowra, NSW

Wife: Barbara Elizabeth AYTON

Name: Barbara Elizabeth AYTON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1949 (app) Australia?

Child 1: Amanda Elizabeth LOADER

Name: Amanda Elizabeth LOADER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Scott Allen JENKINS (1969?- )
Birth 6 Apr 1969 Tamworth, NSW?

Child 2: Audra Jane LOADER

Name: Audra Jane LOADER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Lawrence KEARNEY (1971?- )
Birth 26 Feb 1971 Tamworth, NSW

Note on Marriage

source Emily Loader

Note on Husband: John William LOADER

source Emily Loader