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Family of Andrew LOWE and Rebecca HAMBROOK

Husband: Andrew LOWE (1982?- )
Wife: Rebecca HAMBROOK (1982- )
Children: Isobel Louise LOWE (2001- )
Hannah Rose LOWE (2002- )

Husband: Andrew LOWE

Name: Andrew LOWE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1982 (app) Australia?

Wife: Rebecca HAMBROOK

Name: Rebecca HAMBROOK
Sex: Female
Father: Graham Leslie HAMBROOK (1951- )
Mother: Lynette WILLIAMS ( - )
Birth 9 May 1982 Australia

Child 1: Isobel Louise LOWE

Name: Isobel Louise LOWE
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Aug 2001 Australia?

Child 2: Hannah Rose LOWE

Name: Hannah Rose LOWE
Sex: Female
Birth 2002 Australia?

Note on Marriage

source Lyn Aston

Note on Wife: Rebecca HAMBROOK

source Lyn Aston