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Family of Robert Philip CONSTABLE and Mary Anne WIGGINS

Husband: Robert Philip CONSTABLE (1877- )
Wife: Mary Anne WIGGINS (1879- )
Children: Albert Edward Thomas CONSTABLE (1905- )
Lily Constance Evelyn CONSTABLE (1906- )
Leslie James Horace CONSTABLE (1907- )
Frederick Archibald Harold CONSTABLE (1911- )
Aubrey R D CONSTABLE (1916- )
Cyril L V CONSTABLE (1918- )
Barbara S M CONSTABLE (1922- )
Eric I R CONSTABLE (1925- )
Marriage Q4 1898 Ipswich

Husband: Robert Philip CONSTABLE

Name: Robert Philip CONSTABLE
Sex: Male
Father: John Richard CONSTABLE (1843-1926)
Mother: Alice A UNKNOWN (1844?-1928)
Birth Q2 1877 Buckland
Occupation soldier (1911)

Wife: Mary Anne WIGGINS

Name: Mary Anne WIGGINS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1879 Ipswich

Child 1: Albert Edward Thomas CONSTABLE

Name: Albert Edward Thomas CONSTABLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1905 Central India

Child 2: Lily Constance Evelyn CONSTABLE

Name: Lily Constance Evelyn CONSTABLE
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1906 Woolwich

Child 3: Leslie James Horace CONSTABLE

Name: Leslie James Horace CONSTABLE
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1907 Woolwich

Child 4: Frederick Archibald Harold CONSTABLE

Name: Frederick Archibald Harold CONSTABLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1911 Northern India

Child 5: Aubrey R D CONSTABLE

Name: Aubrey R D CONSTABLE
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1916 Ipswich

Child 6: Cyril L V CONSTABLE

Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1918 Ipswich

Child 7: Barbara S M CONSTABLE

Name: Barbara S M CONSTABLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward G FIELD (1922- )
Birth Q2 1922 Plomesgate

Child 8: Eric I R CONSTABLE

Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1925 Plomesgate

Note on Husband: Robert Philip CONSTABLE (1)

free BMD/census 1881/1911

Note on Husband: Robert Philip CONSTABLE (2)

Battery sgt major RHA (married) per 1911 census.

Note on Wife: Mary Anne WIGGINS

free BMD/census 1911