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Family of Bernard George TUNNICLIFFE and Margaret Jean ARDMORE

Husband: Bernard George TUNNICLIFFE (1924?- )
Wife: Margaret Jean ARDMORE (1924-1996)
Marriage 11 Sep 1948 Wellington, NZ

Husband: Bernard George TUNNICLIFFE

Name: Bernard George TUNNICLIFFE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1924 (app) NZ?

Wife: Margaret Jean ARDMORE

Name: Margaret Jean ARDMORE
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Proctor ROBERTSON (1899-1982)
Mother: Reta May ARDMORE (1908-1978)
Birth 14 Nov 1924 Hawke's Bay, NZ
Death 14 Aug 1996 (age 71) Wellington, NZ

Note on Marriage

Source Gordon Stevenson.

Note on Wife: Margaret Jean ARDMORE (1)

Margaret Jean was the first born daughter of Charles Procter Robertson and Reta May Admore. Due to Reta's age, Margaret was legally adopted by Reta's parents and brought up as Margaret Jean Admore.

Note on Wife: Margaret Jean ARDMORE (2)

Source Gordon Stevenson.