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John FINNIS's sister: Hope D S FINNIS (1915- )

Family of John Frank Squire FINNIS and Patricia D KETTELL

Husband: John Frank Squire FINNIS (1922-2009)
Wife: Patricia D KETTELL (1926- )
Children: Martin J FINNIS (1958- )
Christine G FINNIS (1964- )
Marriage Q2 1956 Peterborough

Husband: John Frank Squire FINNIS

Name: John Frank Squire FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: Henry John FINNIS (1886-1973)
Mother: Nellie May SQUIRE (1883-1973)
Birth Q1 1922 Eccleshall
Death 10 Dec 2009 (age 87) Exmouth

Wife: Patricia D KETTELL

Name: Patricia D KETTELL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q4 1926 Warwick

Child 1: Martin J FINNIS

Name: Martin J FINNIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jennifer VANSTONE (1958?- )
Birth Q3 1958 Stamford

Child 2: Christine G FINNIS

Name: Christine G FINNIS
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1964 Buckrose

Note on Marriage

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Note on Husband: John Frank Squire FINNIS

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