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Crayston LEE's other families: with Dorothy Barbara HISLOP (1942- ) and Kathleen RICE (1953- )
Crayston LEE's brother: Roger Byron LEE (1942- )

Family of Crayston Geoffry LEE and Christine Mary BEGLEY

Husband: Crayston Geoffry LEE (1937- )
Wife: Christine Mary BEGLEY (1940?- )
Children: Caroline Jane LEE (1960- )
Marriage Q3 1959 Hampstead

Husband: Crayston Geoffry LEE

Name: Crayston Geoffry LEE
Sex: Male
Father: Geoffry George Byron LEE (1911-1985)
Mother: Kathleen Agnes KENT (1912-1992)
Birth 17 Jul 1937 Borehamwood

Wife: Christine Mary BEGLEY

Name: Christine Mary BEGLEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1940 (app) Borehamwood

Child 1: Caroline Jane LEE

Name: Caroline Jane LEE
Sex: Female
Birth 11 Feb 1960 Borehamwood

Note on Marriage

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Note on Husband: Crayston Geoffry LEE

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