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Family of William Septimus LEE and Ethleen Mary COLE

Husband: William Septimus LEE (1875- )
Wife: Ethleen Mary COLE (1875- )
Children: Leslie William Rawes LEE (1902- )
Eric Edward Bremner LEE (1903-1989)
Eunice Helen Agnes LEE (1905-1983)
Arthur Charles Barkway LEE (1906- )
Leonard Reginald Bernard LEE (1910- )
Geoffry George Byron LEE (1911-1985)
Marriage Q3 1901 Dover

Husband: William Septimus LEE

Name: William Septimus LEE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q1 1875 Prescott

Wife: Ethleen Mary COLE

Name: Ethleen Mary COLE
Sex: Female
Father: George Henry COLE (1845- )
Mother: Mary Ann CONNELL (1851-1930)
Birth Q4 1875 Dover

Child 1: Leslie William Rawes LEE

Name: Leslie William Rawes LEE
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1902 Dover

Child 2: Eric Edward Bremner LEE

Name: Eric Edward Bremner LEE
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Oct 1903 Dover
Death Dec 1989 (age 86) Hendon

Child 3: Eunice Helen Agnes LEE

Name: Eunice Helen Agnes LEE
Sex: Female
Spouse: James W E DONALDSON (1903- )
Birth 29 Mar 1905 Hong Kong
Death Q3 1983 (age 78) Hendon

Child 4: Arthur Charles Barkway LEE

Name: Arthur Charles Barkway LEE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Kathleen SHAYLOR (1910- )
Birth 1906 Hong Kong

Child 5: Leonard Reginald Bernard LEE

Name: Leonard Reginald Bernard LEE
Sex: Male
Birth Q1 1910 Woolwich

Child 6: Geoffry George Byron LEE

Name: Geoffry George Byron LEE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Kathleen Agnes KENT (1912-1992)
Birth 17 Mar 1911 Woolwich
Occupation sound technician
Death 23 Oct 1985 (age 74) Borehamwood

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