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Beverly HAMPTON's brother: Gregory William HAMPTON (1953- )

Family of Russell George MANNING and Beverly Joy HAMPTON

Husband: Russell George MANNING (1952?- )
Wife: Beverly Joy HAMPTON (1955- )
Children: Amanda Joy MANNING (1978- )
Adrian Gordon MANNING (1981- )
Marriage 22 Nov 1975 Young, NSW

Husband: Russell George MANNING

Name: Russell George MANNING
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1952 (app) Australia?

Wife: Beverly Joy HAMPTON

Name: Beverly Joy HAMPTON
Sex: Female
Father: Stephen Augustus HAMPTON (1930?- )
Mother: Gladys Marie HAMBROOK (1930-2008)
Birth 30 Dec 1955 Young, NSW

Child 1: Amanda Joy MANNING

Name: Amanda Joy MANNING
Sex: Female
Birth 29 Sep 1978 Canberra

Child 2: Adrian Gordon MANNING

Name: Adrian Gordon MANNING
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Apr 1981 Canberra

Note on Marriage

source Lyn Aston

Note on Wife: Beverly Joy HAMPTON

source Hambrook Fam Hist Socy