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Karen BULL's brother: John Andrew BULL (1966- )

Family of Stephen Ernest Edward SUTTON and Karen Rosemary BULL

Husband: Stephen Ernest Edward SUTTON (1954- )
Wife: Karen Rosemary BULL (1963- )
Children: Rebecca Ruth SUTTON (1982- )
Jessica Rachel SUTTON (1984- )
Marriage 20 Jun 1981 Folkestone

Husband: Stephen Ernest Edward SUTTON

Name: Stephen Ernest Edward SUTTON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 5 Nov 1954 Dover

Wife: Karen Rosemary BULL

Name: Karen Rosemary BULL
Sex: Female
Father: John Frederick BULL (1941- )
Mother: Dilys N EDWARDS (1943- )
Birth 2 Feb 1963 Folkestone

Child 1: Rebecca Ruth SUTTON

Name: Rebecca Ruth SUTTON
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Jun 1982 Ashford

Child 2: Jessica Rachel SUTTON

Name: Jessica Rachel SUTTON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Barrie James WALTERS (1983- )
Birth 18 Apr 1984 Ashford

Note on Marriage

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Note on Wife: Karen Rosemary BULL

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