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Family of James Henry B FINNIS and Amelia Victoria HUNTLEY

Husband: James Henry B FINNIS (1880-1941)
Wife: Amelia Victoria HUNTLEY (1882-1941)
Children: Emily Elizabeth FINNIS (1905-1968)
James Henry FINNIS (1904-1904)
Frederick John FINNIS (1907-1995)
Thomas Charles FINNIS (1909-1980)
Reginald J FINNIS (1913-1982?)
James E FINNIS (1921-1986)
Marriage 14 Dec 1902 Acton Green

Husband: James Henry B FINNIS

Name: James Henry B FINNIS 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas FINNIS (1828-1907)
Mother: Mary Ann SHARP (1842-1896)
Birth 30 Nov 1880 Fulham
Occupation -; Bricklayer
Death Q1 1941 (age 60) Brentford

Wife: Amelia Victoria HUNTLEY

Name: Amelia Victoria HUNTLEY 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1882 Brentford
Death Q1 1941 (age 58) Brentford

Child 1: Emily Elizabeth FINNIS

Name: Emily Elizabeth FINNIS 1,3
Sex: Female
Nickname: Emmie
Spouse: Albert Edward HUTCHINSON (1905-1983)
Birth 22 May 1905 Acton Green
Death Q4 1968 (age 63) Ealing
Occupation singer/pianist

Child 2: James Henry FINNIS

Name: James Henry FINNIS 1,4
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1904 Fulham
Death Q3 1904 (age 0) Fulham

Child 3: Frederick John FINNIS

Name: Frederick John FINNIS 1,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Grace M HARROLD (1906-1998)
Birth 26 Jun 1907 Acton Green
Death Feb 1995 (age 87) Brent

Child 4: Thomas Charles FINNIS

Name: Thomas Charles FINNIS 1,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lilian Emily STONE (1907-2001)
Birth Q1 1909 Acton Green
Death Q1 1980 (age 70-71) Hillingdon

Child 5: Reginald J FINNIS

Name: Reginald J FINNIS 1,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rachel Mary ROBERTS (1902-1972?)
Birth Q4 1913 Brentford
Death 1982 (app) (age 68-69) Sydney

Child 6: James E FINNIS

Name: James E FINNIS 1,5
Sex: Male
Spouse: Betty BEESLEY (1929-1994)
Birth 16 Mar 1921 Brentford
Death May 1986 (age 65) Brent

Note on Husband: James Henry B FINNIS (1)

free BMD/1881/91 census/Thomasina Horne

Note on Husband: James Henry B FINNIS (2)

Living 33 Dymock Street, Fulham 1881. Shown on 1901 census visiting Henry & Fanny (Finnis) Newton. 1911 at 63 Antrobus Road, Acton Green.


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