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Kevin GROVER's sister: Lesley Anne GROVER (1962- )

Family of Kevin Eric GROVER and Jacqueline Helen MURSELL

Husband: Kevin Eric GROVER (1963- )
Wife: Jacqueline Helen MURSELL (1966- )
Children: Alan Patrick GROVER-GRAHAM (1988- )
Lisa Catherine GROVER-GRAHAM (1990- )
Marriage Dec 1989 Ramsgate

Husband: Kevin Eric GROVER

Name: Kevin Eric GROVER
Sex: Male
Father: Keith Eric GROVER (1937- )
Mother: Valerie Frances MORGAN (1944?- )
Birth 2 Nov 1963 Camberwell

Wife: Jacqueline Helen MURSELL

Name: Jacqueline Helen MURSELL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 7 Apr 1966 Margate

Child 1: Alan Patrick GROVER-GRAHAM

Name: Alan Patrick GROVER-GRAHAM
Sex: Male
Birth 28 May 1988 Margate

Child 2: Lisa Catherine GROVER-GRAHAM

Name: Lisa Catherine GROVER-GRAHAM
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Jun 1990 Margate

Note on Marriage

source Keith Grover

Note on Husband: Kevin Eric GROVER

source Keith Grover