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Frances FINNIS's other family: with Lawrence HAMBROOK (1797?-1863)

Family of Daniel CHEESMAN and Frances FINNIS

Husband: Daniel CHEESMAN ( - )
Wife: Frances FINNIS (1801?-1892)
Children: Joseph FINNIS (1821?-1846?)
Status: Unmarried Couple

Husband: Daniel CHEESMAN

Name: Daniel CHEESMAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Frances FINNIS

Name: Frances FINNIS
Sex: Female
Father: James FINNIS (1765-1847)
Mother: Frances HAMMOND (1760- )
Birth 1801 (app) Swingfield
Baptism 28 Feb 1802 (age 0-1) Swingfield
Death Q2 1892 (age 90-91) Elham

Child 1: Joseph FINNIS

Name: Joseph FINNIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah BEAR (1826?- )
Birth 1821 (app) Swingfield
Baptism 4 Nov 1821 (age 0) Swingfield
Occupation agricultural labourer
Death 1846 (app) (age 24-25) Kent?

Note on Wife: Frances FINNIS (1)

parish record

Note on Wife: Frances FINNIS (2)

Reviewing the birth of Daniel Cheesman in IGI, he is shown as having been born Denton about 1795. The record also shows Susanna as his wife. On the marriage certificate of Joseph Finnis, illegitimate child of Frances Finnis (sister of Susanna), Daniel is recorded as the father.