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Victor STANDFORD's brother: Wilfred Clarence STANDFORD (1898-1944)

Family of Victor Henry STANDFORD and Beatrice Lilian COUZINS

Husband: Victor Henry STANDFORD (1897-1968)
Wife: Beatrice Lilian COUZINS (1900-1998)
Children: Beryl Constance STANDFORD (1923- )
Valerie Doreen STANDFORD (1927- )
Graham John STANDFORD (1930-1978)
Marriage 22 Mar 1922 Plymouth

Husband: Victor Henry STANDFORD

Name: Victor Henry STANDFORD
Sex: Male
Father: Richard James Thomas STANDFORD (1868-1951)
Mother: Sarah Jane HIGGINS (1862-1943)
Birth Q3 1897 Plymouth
Death Q2 1968 (age 70) Cardiff

Wife: Beatrice Lilian COUZINS

Name: Beatrice Lilian COUZINS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q2 1900 Plymouth
Death Nov 1998 (age 98) Plymouth

Child 1: Beryl Constance STANDFORD

Name: Beryl Constance STANDFORD
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1923 Elham

Child 2: Valerie Doreen STANDFORD

Name: Valerie Doreen STANDFORD
Sex: Female
Birth Q3 1927 Grimsby

Child 3: Graham John STANDFORD

Name: Graham John STANDFORD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Leslie WATSON (1928- )
Birth 4 Feb 1930 Grimsby
Occupation Royal Navy
Death 17 Jun 1978 (age 48) Oman

Note on Husband: Victor Henry STANDFORD (1)

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Note on Husband: Victor Henry STANDFORD (2)

1911 at 47 Craigmore Avenue, Devonport.

Note on Wife: Beatrice Lilian COUZINS

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