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Eliza STANDFORD's parents: Thomas STANDFORD (1839-1931) and Anne BIRCH (1843- )

Family of Edward Thomas BUTCHER and Eliza Jane STANDFORD

Husband: Edward Thomas BUTCHER (1862- )
Wife: Eliza Jane STANDFORD (1866- )
Children: Ethel BUTCHER (1892- )
Willie BUTCHER (1898?-1962)
Evelyn Beatrice BUTCHER (1900- )
Winifred BUTCHER (1904- )
Marriage Q4 1888 E Ashford

Husband: Edward Thomas BUTCHER

Name: Edward Thomas BUTCHER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1862 Brabourne
Occupation Brick Maker

Wife: Eliza Jane STANDFORD

Name: Eliza Jane STANDFORD
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas STANDFORD (1839-1931)
Mother: Anne BIRCH (1843- )
Birth Q1 1866 Saltwood

Child 1: Ethel BUTCHER

Name: Ethel BUTCHER
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1892 Cheriton

Child 2: Willie BUTCHER

Name: Willie BUTCHER
Sex: Male
Birth 1898 (app) Cheriton
Death Q2 1962 (age 63-64) Bournemouth

Child 3: Evelyn Beatrice BUTCHER

Name: Evelyn Beatrice BUTCHER
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1900 Cheriton

Child 4: Winifred BUTCHER

Name: Winifred BUTCHER
Sex: Female
Birth 1904 Cheriton

Note on Husband: Edward Thomas BUTCHER

free BMD/census 1891

Note on Wife: Eliza Jane STANDFORD (1)

free BMD/census 1871/91

Note on Wife: Eliza Jane STANDFORD (2)

1911 at 67 Ashley Avenue, Cheriton.