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Theresa MOORE's other family: with Robert William COTTERILL (1953- )

Family of Nelson SMITH and Theresa Ann MOORE

Husband: Nelson SMITH (1952- )
Wife: Theresa Ann MOORE (1955- )
Children: Nelson SMITH (1973- )
Wayne SMITH (1974- )
Abraham SMITH (1979- )
Leon Barry SMITH (1983- )
Marriage Q4 1972 Bromley

Husband: Nelson SMITH

Name: Nelson SMITH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 Jul 1952 Orpington

Wife: Theresa Ann MOORE

Name: Theresa Ann MOORE
Sex: Female
Father: Ronald Arthur MOORE (1934- )
Mother: Barbara JULL (1937- )
Birth Q4 1955 Islington

Child 1: Nelson SMITH

Name: Nelson SMITH
Sex: Male
Birth 1973 Sidcup

Child 2: Wayne SMITH

Name: Wayne SMITH
Sex: Male
Birth 1974 Sidcup

Child 3: Abraham SMITH

Name: Abraham SMITH
Sex: Male
Birth 1979 Sidcup

Child 4: Leon Barry SMITH

Name: Leon Barry SMITH
Sex: Male
Birth 1983 Sidcup

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