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Family of William Thomas FINNIS and Elizabeth Jane PARTRIDGE

Husband: William Thomas FINNIS (1863-1913)
Wife: Elizabeth Jane PARTRIDGE (1867- )
Children: Annie Sophia FINNIS (1890-1955)
Emily Louise FINNIS (1891-1971)
Rose Mary FINNIS (1893-1962)
Marriage Q4 1888 Westcliffe, St Peter

Husband: William Thomas FINNIS

Name: William Thomas FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: John Joseph FINNIS (1837-1917)
Mother: Sophia AMOS (1842-1909)
Birth Q3 1863 St Margarets at Cliffe
Death Q2 1913 (age 49) Dover
Occupation Labourer At Gas Works (1911)

Wife: Elizabeth Jane PARTRIDGE

Name: Elizabeth Jane PARTRIDGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1867 Buckland

Child 1: Annie Sophia FINNIS

Name: Annie Sophia FINNIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick J PAY (1893-1958)
Birth Q2 1890 Lydden
Death Q4 1955 (age 65) New Forest

Child 2: Emily Louise FINNIS

Name: Emily Louise FINNIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Robert HAWKINS (1890-1960)
Birth 23 Aug 1891 Lydden
Occupation Laundry Maid (1911)
Death Q2 1971 (age 79) Ashford

Child 3: Rose Mary FINNIS

Name: Rose Mary FINNIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alfred Cecil PUNNETT (1900-1964)
Birth Q1 1893 Guston
Occupation Laundress (1911)
Death Q1 1962 (age 68-69) Folkestone

Note on Husband: William Thomas FINNIS (1)

free BMD/Trevor Finnis

Note on Husband: William Thomas FINNIS (2)

1911 at 4 Wellesley Terrace, St Margarets At Cliffe.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth Jane PARTRIDGE

free BMD/Trevor Finnis