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Family of George H SMITH and Hilda Mary FINNIS

Husband: George H SMITH (1901?- )
Wife: Hilda Mary FINNIS (1901- )
Children: Rainer W G SMITH (1930- )
Ann E SMITH (1931- )
John SMITH (1932- )
Terence M SMITH (1934- )
Marriage Q3 1929 Dover

Husband: George H SMITH

Name: George H SMITH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1901 (app) Kent?

Wife: Hilda Mary FINNIS

Name: Hilda Mary FINNIS
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Woodcock FINNIS (1869?-1950)
Mother: Fanny Louisa MOCKETT (1879-1949)
Birth Q3 1901 St Margarets at Cliffe
Baptism 1 Sep 1901 (age 0) St Margarets at Cliffe

Child 1: Rainer W G SMITH

Name: Rainer W G SMITH
Sex: Male
Birth Q1 1930 Dover

Child 2: Ann E SMITH

Name: Ann E SMITH
Sex: Female
Birth Q2 1931 Dover

Child 3: John SMITH

Name: John SMITH
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1932 Dover

Child 4: Terence M SMITH

Name: Terence M SMITH
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1934 Dover

Note on Wife: Hilda Mary FINNIS (1)

free BMD/Trevor Finnis

Note on Wife: Hilda Mary FINNIS (2)

1911 at Challets Court Cottages, Westcliffe, nr Dover.

Note on Wife: Hilda Mary FINNIS (3)

No death record found.