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Family of Horatio GRANT and Florence Hannah AMOS

Husband: Horatio GRANT (1883- )
Wife: Florence Hannah AMOS (1886- )
Children: Doris E GRANT (1911- )
Nora L GRANT (1913- )
Richard S C GRANT (1914- )
Florence A GRANT (1920- )
Marriage Q2 1911 Ecclesall Bierlow

Husband: Horatio GRANT

Name: Horatio GRANT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q1 1883 Ecclesall Bierlow

Wife: Florence Hannah AMOS

Name: Florence Hannah AMOS
Sex: Female
Father: John Howland AMOS (1851-1927)
Mother: Ellen Elizabeth FINNIS (1860-1921)
Birth 24 Mar 1886 Hougham
Occupation Domestic Servant (1911)

Child 1: Doris E GRANT

Name: Doris E GRANT
Sex: Female
Birth Q3 1911 Ecclesall Bierlow

Child 2: Nora L GRANT

Name: Nora L GRANT
Sex: Female
Birth Q3 1913 Ecclesall Bierlow

Child 3: Richard S C GRANT

Name: Richard S C GRANT
Sex: Male
Birth Q1 1914 Towcester

Child 4: Florence A GRANT

Name: Florence A GRANT
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1920 Ecclesall Bierlow

Note on Husband: Horatio GRANT

free BMD

Note on Wife: Florence Hannah AMOS (1)

free BMD/Trevor Finnis

Note on Wife: Florence Hannah AMOS (2)

1911 at 126 Bole Hill Road, Sheffield, in service with Horatio's family.