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Arthur FINNIS's other family: with Mary Ellen KING (1894-1957)

Family of Arthur James FINNIS and Grace Hickleson SAUNDERS

Husband: Arthur James FINNIS (1889-1957)
Wife: Grace Hickleson SAUNDERS (1889?- )
Children: Joan E M FINNIS (1917- )
Francis W S FINNIS (1920-2003)
Status: Divorced
Marriage Q2 1912 Elham

Husband: Arthur James FINNIS

Name: Arthur James FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: James FINNIS (1864-1941)
Mother: Ellen Elizabeth COPPINS (1863-1944)
Birth Q4 1889 Cheriton
Occupation laundry van man (1911)
Death Q1 1957 (age 67) West Hartlepool

Wife: Grace Hickleson SAUNDERS

Name: Grace Hickleson SAUNDERS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1889 (app) Kent?

Child 1: Joan E M FINNIS

Name: Joan E M FINNIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: William George FAIRMAN (1910-1990)
Birth Q3 1917 Eastry

Child 2: Francis W S FINNIS

Name: Francis W S FINNIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne GILLESPIE (1921- )
Birth 17 Dec 1920 Eastry
Death May 2003 (age 82) Kent

Note on Marriage

1911 at 17 Richmond St, Folkestone.

Note on Husband: Arthur James FINNIS (1)

free BMD/census 1901

Note on Husband: Arthur James FINNIS (2)

1901 at 4 Horseshoe Cottages, Folkestone.

Note on Husband: Arthur James FINNIS (3)

Arthur and Grace divorced 1920 (National Achives).

Note on Wife: Grace Hickleson SAUNDERS

free BMD (marriage)