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Family of Anthony George ROBERTS and Catherine Ann GILMORE

Husband: Anthony George ROBERTS (1938- )
Wife: Catherine Ann GILMORE (1951- )
Children: Larrisa ROBERTS (1973- )
Benjamin ROBERTS (1985- )

Husband: Anthony George ROBERTS

Name: Anthony George ROBERTS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 Apr 1938 Foxton

Wife: Catherine Ann GILMORE

Name: Catherine Ann GILMORE
Sex: Female
Father: Hugh Andrew Frederick GILMORE (1921-1977)
Mother: Janet Stephine MEREDITH (1914-1998)
Birth 10 Feb 1951 Wanganui, Wellington New Zealand
Occupation nursing administrator

Child 1: Larrisa ROBERTS

Name: Larrisa ROBERTS
Sex: Female
Birth 20 May 1973 Wanganui, Wellington New Zealand
Occupation nurse

Child 2: Benjamin ROBERTS

Name: Benjamin ROBERTS
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Oct 1985 Wanganui, Wellington, New Zealand

Note on Marriage

source Neville Gilmore

Note on Wife: Catherine Ann GILMORE

source Neville Gilmore