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Family of Alfred John FINNIS and Dora E CROSBIE

Husband: Alfred John FINNIS (1916-1995)
Wife: Dora E CROSBIE (1917- )
Children: Stephen J FINNIS (1952- )
Marriage Q1 1950 Hackney

Husband: Alfred John FINNIS

Name: Alfred John FINNIS
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred Thomas FINNIS (1895-1967)
Mother: Mary Ann SUMMERS (1890-1962)
Birth 12 Oct 1916 Hackney
Death Jan 1995 (age 78) Hackney

Wife: Dora E CROSBIE

Name: Dora E CROSBIE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1917 Poplar

Child 1: Stephen J FINNIS

Name: Stephen J FINNIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rita M CLARK (1954- )
Birth Q1 1952 Hackney

Note on Marriage

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Note on Husband: Alfred John FINNIS

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Note on Wife: Dora E CROSBIE

née Wilson