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Family of George GOWER and Alice Kate RUSSELL

Husband: George GOWER (1882-1943)
Wife: Alice Kate RUSSELL (1884-1967)
Children: George Alfred GOWER (1907- )
Marriage 24 Apr 1905 Dymchurch

Husband: George GOWER

Name: George GOWER
Sex: Male
Father: Edwin Boyce GOWER (1849-1906)
Mother: Fanny FINNIS (1850-1932)
Birth 13 Dec 1882 Newington
Death 9 Apr 1943 (age 60) Saltwood
Occupation bricklayer (1911)

Wife: Alice Kate RUSSELL

Name: Alice Kate RUSSELL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 Apr 1884 Newchurch
Death Jan 1967 (age 82) Saltwood

Child 1: George Alfred GOWER

Name: George Alfred GOWER
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Doris May Evelyn REYNOLDS (1904-1969)
Spouse 2: Betty Elizabeth ARNOTT (1922- )
Birth 18 Mar 1907 Saltwood

Note on Marriage

free BMD/Susan Sands

Note on Husband: George GOWER (1)

free BMD/Susan Sands

Note on Husband: George GOWER (2)

George Gower went by the name of 'Snowy' as he was very fair of skin and hair. He was in the First World War, serving in the Royal Engineers and the Tank Corp.

Note on Husband: George GOWER (3)

1911 living at 16 Model Buildings, Saltwood.