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Family of Alfred George BROAD and Elizabeth Emma AMOS

Husband: Alfred George BROAD (1870-1943)
Wife: Elizabeth Emma AMOS (1876-1953)
Children: Ethel Emma BROAD (1898-1968)
Alice Maud BROAD (1900- )
Horace H BROAD (1911- )
Marriage Q2 1898 Elham

Husband: Alfred George BROAD

Name: Alfred George BROAD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1870 Dungeness
Occupation night watchman (1911)
Death Q4 1943 (age 73) Folkestone

Wife: Elizabeth Emma AMOS

Name: Elizabeth Emma AMOS
Sex: Female
Father: Edward AMOS (1847-1876)
Mother: Fanny FINNIS (1850-1932)
Birth Q1 1876 Saltwood
Death Q4 1953 (age 77) Folkestone

Child 1: Ethel Emma BROAD

Name: Ethel Emma BROAD
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1898 Hythe
Death Q3 1968 (age 69) Folkestone

Child 2: Alice Maud BROAD

Name: Alice Maud BROAD
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Alfred J RAYNER (1896- )
Birth Q4 1900 Hythe

Child 3: Horace H BROAD

Name: Horace H BROAD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marjorie R FRY (1916- )
Birth Q3 1911 Maidstone

Note on Marriage

free BMD/census 1901/Susan Sands

Note on Husband: Alfred George BROAD

free BMD

Note on Wife: Elizabeth Emma AMOS

1911 at 28b Chapel Street, Hythe.