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Family of Neville Hugh GILMORE and Maria Asuncion Cerrillo AGUSTINO

Husband: Neville Hugh GILMORE (1949- )
Wife: Maria Asuncion Cerrillo AGUSTINO (1947- )
Children: Fleur Aileen Agustino GILMORE (1975- )
Daniel Carlos Agustino GILMORE (1979- )
Orson Dewayne Agustino GILMORE (1983- )
Nathaniel Jason Agustino GILMORE (1987- )
Marriage 20 Apr 1974 Quezon City Metro Manila Philppines

Husband: Neville Hugh GILMORE

Name: Neville Hugh GILMORE
Sex: Male
Father: Hugh Andrew Frederick GILMORE (1921-1977)
Mother: Janet Stephine MEREDITH (1914-1998)
Birth 18 Feb 1949 Stratford Taranaki NZ

Wife: Maria Asuncion Cerrillo AGUSTINO

Name: Maria Asuncion Cerrillo AGUSTINO
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 16 Mar 1947 Binondo Metro Manila Philippines

Child 1: Fleur Aileen Agustino GILMORE

Name: Fleur Aileen Agustino GILMORE
Sex: Female
Birth 12 May 1975 Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii
Occupation HR/Payroll manager

Child 2: Daniel Carlos Agustino GILMORE

Name: Daniel Carlos Agustino GILMORE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sherrill WATSON (1985- )
Birth 16 Jun 1979 Hobart, Tasmania
Occupation Public/Civil Servant

Child 3: Orson Dewayne Agustino GILMORE

Name: Orson Dewayne Agustino GILMORE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rebecca Lynette GOOMES (1983- )
Birth 4 Apr 1983 Hobart, Tasmania
Occupation Project Manager

Child 4: Nathaniel Jason Agustino GILMORE

Name: Nathaniel Jason Agustino GILMORE
Sex: Male
Birth 12 May 1987 Boxhill, Victoria
Occupation Theatre supervisor

Note on Marriage

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Note on Husband: Neville Hugh GILMORE

source Neville Gilmore