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Family of Leslie Arthur ROBERTS and Gwendoline D BROWN

Husband: Leslie Arthur ROBERTS (1930-1972)
Wife: Gwendoline D BROWN (1934- )
Children: Clive L ROBERTS (1954- )
Status: Unknown
Marriage 24 Jun 1953 Smethwick

Husband: Leslie Arthur ROBERTS

Name: Leslie Arthur ROBERTS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 23 Oct 1930 Walsall
Death Q4 1972 (age 41-42) Brownhills

Wife: Gwendoline D BROWN

Name: Gwendoline D BROWN
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel BROWN (1886?- )
Mother: Julia Alice CRUNDEN (1892- )
Birth Q4 1934 Smethwick

Child 1: Clive L ROBERTS

Name: Clive L ROBERTS
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Jun 1954 Walsall

Note on Marriage

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Note on Husband: Leslie Arthur ROBERTS

free BMD/Clive Roberts

Note on Wife: Gwendoline D BROWN

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