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Family of Harry LEWIS and Esther Ellen WOOD

Husband: Harry LEWIS (1859?- )
Wife: Esther Ellen WOOD (1868- )
Children: Robert Charles LEWIS (1891- )
Miles George LEWIS (1896- )
Edward James LEWIS (1899- )
William Frank LEWIS (1903- )
Maurice Harry LEWIS (1906- )
Herbert Filmer LEWIS (1910- )
Marriage Q3 1890 Bridge

Husband: Harry LEWIS

Name: Harry LEWIS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1859 (app) Chilham

Wife: Esther Ellen WOOD

Name: Esther Ellen WOOD
Sex: Female
Father: Filmer WOOD (1834- )
Mother: Eliza Ann FAGG (1839-1922)
Birth Q1 1868 Eastry

Child 1: Robert Charles LEWIS

Name: Robert Charles LEWIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ann Louisa MEDHURST (1886- )
Birth Q3 1891 Chilham
Occupation Carter On Farm (1911)

Child 2: Miles George LEWIS

Name: Miles George LEWIS
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1896 Chilham

Child 3: Edward James LEWIS

Name: Edward James LEWIS
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1899 Chilham

Child 4: William Frank LEWIS

Name: William Frank LEWIS
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1903 Crayford

Child 5: Maurice Harry LEWIS

Name: Maurice Harry LEWIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice Frances HOWE (1904- )
Birth Q1 1906 Crayford

Child 6: Herbert Filmer LEWIS

Name: Herbert Filmer LEWIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie Matilda DUNHAM (1909- )
Birth Q3 1910 Crayford

Note on Husband: Harry LEWIS

free BMD/census 1901

Note on Wife: Esther Ellen WOOD (1)

free BMD

Note on Wife: Esther Ellen WOOD (2)

1911 at Brickfield Cottages, Iron Mill Lane, Crayford