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Family of Ivan Michael WOOD and Violet Marie MCCLARRON

Husband: Ivan Michael WOOD (1935- )
Wife: Violet Marie MCCLARRON (1937- )
Children: Paul Michael WOOD (1960- )
Mark Andrew WOOD (1964- )
David John WOOD (1967- )
Marriage 21 Mar 1959 Hull

Husband: Ivan Michael WOOD

Name: Ivan Michael WOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Robert William WOOD (1899-1981)
Mother: Edith Doris WHITE (1906-1964)
Birth 23 Aug 1935 Denmark Hill
Occupation Silk Screen Printer (Retired)

Wife: Violet Marie MCCLARRON

Name: Violet Marie MCCLARRON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 9 Dec 1937 Cairo
Occupation Teacher (Retired)

Child 1: Paul Michael WOOD

Name: Paul Michael WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Heather Angela UNGARETTI (1961- )
Birth 13 Jun 1960 London

Child 2: Mark Andrew WOOD

Name: Mark Andrew WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth 31 Jan 1964 St. Teresa's Maternity Hospital, Wimbledon
Occupation Primary School Teacher

Child 3: David John WOOD

Name: David John WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth 30 Jun 1967 London

Note on Marriage

source Mark Wood

Note on Husband: Ivan Michael WOOD

source Mark Wood

Note on Wife: Violet Marie MCCLARRON

source Mark Wood