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Family of William Thomas BOVIS and Hilda Elizabeth FINNIS

Husband: William Thomas BOVIS (1880-1969)
Wife: Hilda Elizabeth FINNIS (1890-1937)
Children: Bernard Francis BOVIS (1920-1979)
Cyril Henry Thomas BOVIS (1917- )
Hannah E BOVIS (1919-1919)
Marriage 9 Oct 1915 West Langdon

Husband: William Thomas BOVIS

Name: William Thomas BOVIS 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 18 Sep 1880 Chatham
Death Q2 1969 (age 88) Chatham
Occupation General Labourer (1911); Soldier

Wife: Hilda Elizabeth FINNIS

Name: Hilda Elizabeth FINNIS 1,3
Sex: Female
Father: Francis Henry FINNIS (1860-1927)
Mother: Hannah Margaret CHANDLER (1860-1928)
Birth 29 Oct 1890 Hougham
Death Q1 1937 (age 46) Rochester
Occupation Domestic Servant (1911)

Child 1: Bernard Francis BOVIS

Name: Bernard Francis BOVIS 1,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Peggy CARDEN (1921-1996)
Baptism 1 Dec 0000 (age -1920 (!))
Birth 18 Nov 1920 Chatham
Death Q2 1979 (age 58) Dover

Child 2: Cyril Henry Thomas BOVIS

Name: Cyril Henry Thomas BOVIS 1,5
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence Melita LIPSCOMBE (1921- )
Birth 18 Apr 1917 Medway

Child 3: Hannah E BOVIS

Name: Hannah E BOVIS 1,6
Sex: Female
Birth 12 Jan 1919 Chatham
Death Q1 1919 (age 0) Chatham

Note on Husband: William Thomas BOVIS (1)

free BMD/census 1901/1911/Susan Bovis

Note on Husband: William Thomas BOVIS (2)

1914-1934 lived at 13 the Mount, Chatham. 1935-1969 lived at 46 Beaconsfield Road, Chatham.

Note on Husband: William Thomas BOVIS (3)

WWI Medal List East Kent Regiment 3rd Battalion Regiment No 7591 Rank, Sergeant

Note on Husband: William Thomas BOVIS (4)

First wife Rosetta Emma died Q4 1914.

Note on Wife: Hilda Elizabeth FINNIS (1)

free BMD/1901 census/Susan Bovis

Note on Wife: Hilda Elizabeth FINNIS (2)

1911 at 99 Clarendon St, Dover.


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